Conviform effortlessly captures the authentic rhythm of genuine conversations, presenting questions sequentially with a human touch through its conversational style of data collection.

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Craft user-friendly forms for seamless data collection. Impress with customizable, beautifully designed layouts or conversational forms that enhance the user experience.

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From birthday party confirmations to customer success measurement, Conviform meets all your needs. Its striking designs simplify communication, ensuring impressive results for any occasion.

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Play with Conviform's responsive design in this interactive demo. Customize and explore its versatility firsthand, understanding how it elevates your customer feedback process.



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  • What is Conviform?

    Conviform is the ultimate solution for seamless and conversational data collection. And guess what? It doesn't shy away from traditional forms – it makes them awesome! With Conviform, you can effortlessly design stunning surveys, interactive forms, and engaging data collection tasks, all without a single line of code. Welcome to the future of effortless and versatile data gathering.

  • Key Capabilities of Conviform

    Conviform revolutionizes traditional questionnaires with its beautiful design and intuitive interface, turning the survey experience into something engaging and enjoyable.

    Presenting questions one at a time: Conviform employs a conversational strategy by delivering questions in a sequential manner, emulating the organic flow of a real conversation. This approach not only facilitates a smoother transition for respondents into the survey but also cultivates a dynamic and engaging experience. By allowing respondents the time to connect and respond to each question individually, Conviform prevents information overload, ensuring a more thoughtful and focused interaction. This method encourages meaningful responses and contributes to an overall enhanced survey experience.

    Captivates respondents: By emulating a genuine conversation, Conviform captures the attention of respondents. The interactive and personalized format holds their interest, ensuring a more focused and thoughtful response to each question.

    Elicits more accurate and valuable insights: The conversational style encourages respondents to provide more accurate and meaningful insights. When questions are presented conversationally, it feels natural, prompting genuine and thoughtful responses, leading to richer data.

    Goodbye to dull forms: Conviform bids farewell to mundane and uninspiring forms. Its innovative approach transforms the survey experience from a routine task into an exciting and interactive dialogue, making the process more enjoyable for both respondents and creators.

    Welcome a new era of audience engagement: The conversational interactions introduced by Conviform mark a new era in engaging with your audience. It goes beyond the traditional, creating an immersive and participatory experience that fosters a stronger connection between the user and the data collection process.

    Spark connections: Conviform doesn't just collect data; it sparks meaningful connections. The conversational format builds a bridge between the survey and the respondent, creating a personalized and memorable interaction.

    Maximize data collection efforts: Through its engaging approach, Conviform maximizes the effectiveness of data collection. The interactive nature ensures higher response rates and a more comprehensive understanding of your audience.

    Experience the magic of Conviform: Embrace a transformative experience in how you collect and share data. Conviform's unique blend of innovation and simplicity redefines the entire data collection process, making it more efficient, enjoyable, and insightful.

  • Why Users Love Conviform?

    Conviform transforms survey and form creation into an effortless and delightful experience. You can say goodbye to the complexities of building surveys/forms as Conviform simplifies the entire process.

    Conviform crafts stunning, aesthetically pleasing forms/surveys that make a lasting impression, effortlessly gathering valuable insights. It enables to customize the look and feel to align with your personal style or company brand. With an intuitive WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor, Conviform enables you to preview your design as you build, embracing a no-code approach for easy data collection.

    Users love us for our commitment to providing the best user experience, ensuring simplicity in design, and striving for excellence.

  • Offline Mode Compatibility

    Conviform operates seamlessly online, requiring an internet connection for loading and submitting responses. While Conviform doesn't have a dedicated "offline mode," it ensures a smooth user experience even in temporary connection loss scenarios. If someone faces an interruption in their internet connection while filling out a form, they can still click the Submit button. In such cases, a notification will appear, informing them that results cannot be submitted and advising against closing the page.

  • Uploading Questions and Data for Conviform setup

    Currently, form or survey creation involves writing or copy/pasting questions one by one. We're dedicated to streamlining your experience through ongoing enhancements. In the future, we may introduce a more efficient offline question setup. Stay connected with us for updates on these improvements.

  • Limits on Form/Survey Views

    Conviform provides unlimited views for your live surveys/forms. Once you have the link or code snippet, you can use it on any website or store, serving an unlimited number of times without any bandwidth restrictions or constraints on views. For retail users, the only limitation is on the number of submissions. Visit our subscription plan information to delve deeper into the details.

  • Is Conviform Free to Use?

    While Conviform isn't entirely free, we do offer trial use with limits on the number of surveys/forms you can create. Take advantage of this trial to explore Conviform's capabilities, from testing the tool to going live in your data collection tasks. For retail use, we provide paid subscriptions, billed monthly on your debit/credit card. Our pricing is carefully crafted for mutual benefit—making it economical for you and profitable for us. It's a partnership in success. Enterprise customers, we have a tailored solution just for you.

  • Managing Subscriptions: Can I Cancel?

    Absolutely! You have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time, and there are no lock-in contracts. Your convenience is our priority.

  • Differences Between Subscription Plans

    Simplicity and transparency guide our subscription plans. All our plans encompass every feature we offer. The sole differentiator among them is the quantity of forms or surveys you can create. We've designed it to be straightforward—no confusion whatsoever. With Conviform, you get what you need without any hidden complexities.

  • Pre-populating Forms or Surveys with Answers

    Conviform prioritizes real-time accuracy, and therefore, survey/forms results cannot be pre-populated. Each form submission is unique, and data is stored only upon completion of the survey / form by the user. This means that every respondent accessing the form must fill it out in its entirety. Previous submissions are not stored, ensuring each response is unbiased and up-to-date. This approach guarantees the integrity of the data collected, maintaining accuracy and eliminating any potential bias from past entries.

  • Sharing Forms on Social Media

    Effortlessly share your Conviform survey/form on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. Receive a unique link or a QR Code image that makes posting and engaging with your audience a breeze. Amplify your reach and gather responses seamlessly through your preferred social networks.

  • Unexpected 'Paused' Status: Why?

    If you're seeing a 'Paused' status, it's likely that your account has hit the response limit for the specific survey or form. All forms/surveys within your account are subject to response limits. Our retail subscription plans, for instance, cap at a maximum of 1 million responses per survey or form. If you find yourself needing a higher response limit, we've got you covered with our enterprise offerings. Simply reach out to our dedicated sales and service contacts, and we'll tailor a solution to meet your unique needs.

  • Data Privacy: Can I Trust Conviform?

    Your information is strictly confidential and will never be sold or shared with third parties. Your privacy is a cornerstone of our commitment. Conviform is dedicated to aligning with GDPR standards, ensuring that our services meet the highest privacy benchmarks. We only store information essential for identification, sourced from your social provider at login. This includes details like your name, unique identifier, display photo URL, and email – nothing more, nothing less. Your trust is at the core of our data privacy principles

  • Protection from Tech Disasters: Your Form and Responses

    Rest easy with our robust cloud native system. Your forms, surveys, and responses benefit from periodic backup on Google Cloud infrastructure and other reliable cloud services. We've chosen the top-tier cloud provider for our technology services, offering you peace of mind. Our hybrid cloud solution employs serverless components, ensuring both scalability and resilience for an uninterrupted service experience. Your data's protection is our top priority.

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